During the NexGenRadio intensive program this week, I found myself in an environment I haven’t really been in before. I have been used to being left on my own to do my work at my current and previous job. This more independent environment is how I prefer to work because it shows that editors have trust in my ability. This program was not like that, and at times, it made me feel like people didn’t think I was capable.

I really enjoyed talking with Nancy and I think her story is an important one to tell. I’m so grateful for her willingness to talk about hard subjects with language and loss as well. Indigenous language revitalization is a really hard process, and so many factors lead to people getting discouraged. But not Nancy. Her perseverance in learning her language, especially during the pandemic, will be an inspiration to a lot of people.

One of my favorite parts was seeing my audio story getting mixed. I felt like that was where I learned most in the project. I had knowledge of most of the basic things in Audition, but I learned some new techniques that I’ll start to use in my radio stories.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to be a part of this program and be connected to Indigenous and other POC journalists around the country. When I was applying for the program, I honestly didn’t think my pitch was that good. Journalism historically has not been a friendly field for BIPOC people. Through this program and talking with my mentor, I realize that, while that is by design, I am capable of being in this field, and more than capable. I belong in the field, for as long as I want to be there.