My experience with the NAJA program widened my sight to realize there are a lot more opportunities out there for Native Americans who want to use their voice for something.

I appreciate the people it has gotten me to know. My mentor, Seth, and other staff like Selena, Adreanna, Patrice and Erica have helped me stay on course. I appreciate how they all taught me to trust myself and understand that if I keep practicing I’ll get a better understanding.

The program felt like it was moving so fast, but my mentors and the staff who helped me gave me the tools to get a better grip of my time and work. Despite the stressful work, everyone in the program made it such a welcoming space where I felt like I could excel. They were all very patient with me throughout the entire process, and that made me feel like I was part of the team already.

My experience with the program gave me the confidence and tools to excel in this type of work. I hope to continue doing this type of work and getting my name out there. I hope to make more connections and contributions for my community and future.

I hope to someday work for my community and become a role model for the little ones. I hope after this I will become more understanding of others perspectives and really give them a space to share their own stories and feel comfortable.

Thank you for the experience and for letting me be a part of this great program.