In a lot of ways, I feel like the NextGenRadio: Indigenous project was the perfect next step for me in my radio career. In addition to being an early-career journalist, I am also a Native journalist, and I have struggled at times with “where I fit in” and the dualities of my identity. Being able to work with another Native reporter on this story has meant so much to me. Not only did the program create a safe space for me to be able to pitch a story that I care about, but it also provided me with a mentor who I could connect with and relate to. This is something that I hadn’t experienced and I am grateful.

As I am continuing to grow and navigate this field, it has meant so much to be able to continue to build on my skill sets. In the last week, this program has really allowed for me to learn at a pace that is productive but also challenging. I have picked up new skills that I will continue to utilize in my workflow, and I am happy that I have been able to do so in an environment that is nurturing and encouraging.

Reflecting on my experience, I think my favorite part has to be working with the team. Every person who worked with me from the beginning was so excited for me and my story. Their enthusiasm really helped carry me across the finish line. Yes, there were a few moments where I had small doubts about my abilities, but there was never a moment where I didn’t feel supported or think that I wouldn’t be able to finish. I really have learned so much, not only about process and story, but also about my abilities to get stuff done.