This week has been super busy for me since I was juggling my eight-to-five editor job as well. It just so happened that it fell on my print week. I did clear my schedule for the week, but I did have a few things to take care of in this office.

It was a wonderful experience for me; I honestly have not had a passion to write like I used to. I feel very motivated now, and I have learned so much from everyone in this program. Cristela has been great with me, and I am so glad I got to meet her! It made me feel great to get helpful feedback on my webpage story. I hope that in the future I will be able to move forward and possibly work in a bigger newsroom or newspaper if the opportunity ever presents itself. 

I am so happy I applied, and I am so thankful for the patience everyone has given me. I love learning, and I take constructive criticism seriously. I plan to write more, and I hope that I do a respectable job. I hope I will be able to go to the NAJA (Native American Journalists Association) conference next year. 

This has been a great honor for me and I genuinely appreciate this program and each one of you! (Traci is awesome!)