When I submitted my pitch story and heard that it got approved for NPR’s Next Generation Radio, I was elated but also nervous. I was looking forward to working with people who are professionals in editing, engineering, producing and reporting. I knew this workshop was going to help expand my skills in producing a multimedia feature. A part of me knew it was going to be a very busy week, but I felt ready.

I will admit, there were times when I felt I wasn’t prepared enough or I felt anxious and overwhelmed. I have a bad tendency of overthinking certain things. I thought I wasn’t going to make it to the end of the week with a finished product; again, me overthinking. But my mentor, Carrie, was great at keeping me calm and always reassuring me that I was doing well and we were on schedule. Her encouragement helped ease my worries and move forward. Literally, I was surprised by how much we got done, and all in a week too. I loved working with my mentor, Carrie. She’s the best!

I also really enjoyed the editing sessions as well. Erica, Emily, Selena, Lita, Patrice, & Carrie were all awesome! I learned new skills from them that will really help me, and I can apply it to my current job. I greatly appreciate each one of them.

Overall, this week was amazing and I’m happy with the experiences I had working with everyone!